Residential Roofing

Although residential roofing has evolved greatly over the years, over time, leaks can still develop. Factors such as high winds or hail can loosen, damage, or even remove shingles from the roof, resulting in leaks around the damaged area. Also, gutters may clog, causing causing an overflow, and even walking on the roof can cause damage under certain conditions. Over time, shingles will eventually wear out and allow water to penetrate.

Because of all of this, taking care of your roof is essential. Regular inspections can help find and correct potential problems before any serious damage is actually caused. It is critical to quickly address any sign of interior leaks.

Once the leak is repaired, the shingles will provide more years of protection. However, replacement is occasionally the only option due to the extensiveness of the damage. This can happen if the roof is neglected over long periods of time, or if the roof has suffered extreme storm damage.

Capitol Roofing has the ability to evaluate your roof’s condition and respond accordingly.

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