Flashing, Sealing, and Repair

Flashing and sealing are important components in your home’s battle against moisture.  Flashing helps direct the flow of water away from openings.  Flashing around chimneys, doors and windows is critical in keeping your house moisture-free.  Leaks in flashing can result in rot, structural damage and mold which according to the Center for Disease Control can lead to fever and shortness of breath, respiratory illness and even asthma in some severe cases.  Sealing your roof helps to protect it from the elements and can also improve fire and mold resistance, as well.

Maintaining your flashing and sealing is crucial to maintaining a safe and comfortable home.  Inspections should be performed yearly by a professional to ensure that there is no damage and that the seals are intact.  Capitol Roofing, Inc. has experts in this field and can help you determine the state of your flashing and sealing and can advise you as to whether or not repair or replacement is needed.

Leaks in flashing can be hazardous because it can cause mold and mildew to build up.

Leaks can happen around any flashing, but they are most common around the chimney. Large areas that are exposed to the harsh nature must be covered by the flashing around the chimney. Most homes now have chimneys that are placed in the path of water.

Because of the importance of flashing, it should often be inspected to ensure that there is no damage and that its seal is still in tact. Inspections should occur annually. It is wise to have your flashing inspected after hail storms, even if it time for the annual inspection.

The inspection of flashing is necessary before determining whether it needs replacement or repair.

Flashing, sealing, and repair is a job best for a professional, although it may seem easy. There are things like tools and methods that professionals use that are more effective, and a professional is the best person to determine what method to use.

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