Job Site Cleanup and Removal

At Capitol Roofing, Inc. we know how disruptive a roofing project can be, and pride ourselves on protecting your home and landscaping throughout the project as well as providing a thorough clean-up upon the project’s completion.  Our team is fully outfitted with tarps of every size, dumpsters, metal detectors and high powered magnets to ensure that there are no potentially dangerous pieces of metal or nails left behind.  We will protect your landscaping and driveway as if they were our own.  No job will be deemed complete until the customer’s site is immaculately restored.

No roofing job is complete until the customer’s site is as it was before the job started and all debris is removed.

Big renovations tend to call for a big mess. For example, it is customary to remove old shingles when new ones are needed. This allows the contractor to also inspect the roof deck and see if any repairs are needed, and gives them a smooth base for installing the new shingles. Competent roofing contractors would be sure to have the needed tarps or dumpsters at the site to keep the debris of the removal of the old shingles under control.

Repairs tend to generate less debris than reconstructions, but there will still be a presence of product wrappers or trimmings. The contractor may also need to clean up debris in order to clear the site for repair. Regardless of the type of debris, professionals would make sure the site is properly cleaned before the job is initiated, as well as before the job is pronounced complete.

In addition to the initial cleanup of the obvious debris, the contractor will use a metal detector or high powered magnet to ensure there are no potentially dangerous pieces of metal or nails left behind anywhere at the site. Thus, ensuring the ongoing safety and satisfaction of the customers.

Our employee’s are committed to delivering their best work, and part of this commitment includes leaving the worksite at least as good as they found it. 

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