Roof Repair

There are many things that can damage your roof:  Severe weather conditions such as heavy snow and ice, hail and strong winds; tree branches from a neighboring yard; insects and animals; even improper installation of holiday decorations can cause damage that if left unremedied can cause major problems for your roof.  

But one of the most common and devastating causes of roof damage is improper installation and repair.  If the shingles are not lined up perfectly, if the flashing around the chimney is incorrectly installed, if the materials used are not installed precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can end up with leaks, rot and structural damage that can severely damage your roof and home.

That is why it is essential to hire professional and experienced roofing contractors.  At Capitol Roofing, Inc., we have worked on hundreds of houses throughout New England and have experience with a wide variety of roofing styles, materials and layouts.  We have the experience to spot potential problems before they occur and to treat problems that have already surfaced.

Today’s Roofing Materials

There are many reasons a roof can be damaged, including weather conditions such as hail and heavy winds, walking on the roof during extreme weather conditions such as very hot weather or very cold weather, and even attaching holiday decorations with the wrong materials. Though these are all reasons for the damage of  a roof, one of the most common reasons for a roof to be damaged is improper installation or repair. There are many things that could have been done incorrectly when your roof was installed or repaired such as the shingles aren’t overlapping, or the flashing around the chimney was incorrectly installed.

It is essential to hire professional and experienced roofing contractors. Though some contractors may seem professional, experience is essential because an inexperienced contractor could make the mistakes listed above. Also, even though a contractor may have repaired or installed may roofs, note that there are many types of roofs, and some contractors may not have experience with your roof type.

There are many ways for water to enter a house through a roof. For a roof to be repaired correctly , experience and expertise with all constituents of your roof type. If a contractor is not experienced enough with your roof type, the problem may be unidentified. This may cause future problems with your roof.

If any leaks, or any other problems occur, contact Capitol Roofing Inc. of New England immediately for an evaluation and repair.

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